Promise the Future


My name is Keith James Blaise Whiteman and I want to be the next Mayor of our city of Goodwill, Seattle.

“Promise the Future” is what I believe in. Society often struggles with the conflicts that arise when it attempts to absorb the unpredictable times that surround change.  I believe we are currently in such a momentous time, and I want to bring a new thought process to how City Hall and the Office of the Mayor handles that change. If life is in a state of constant change, than I am willing to only promise you one thing, the future. I will tell you though, that I will be there in that future with you. Figuring out the best way our two futures will intertwine, and then how we both will intertwine with others and so on and so on until we weave a society beneficial for all.

Seattle, as a system, is comprised of three main parts, governance, business and community.  Some believe that each part of this system will have their intersections while maintaining separate responsibilities. I believe that governance and the businesses should be all encompassed by the Community. I believe that government and business depend on the community to survive and thrive, and therefore should work together to hold each other accountable to produce a city that the community wants. A city that is not made in image of business or government, but by the eyes, ears and minds of the community.

My aim is to make Seattle better for the entire population. I will take earnest responsibility to represent those who feel they are being pushed aside, paved over, priced out and forgotten.

Of great importance to me are issues of homelessness relief, clean ups not clean outs, community policing, increased training for the SPD, new employee hourly tax on large companies with high wages, black lives matter, improvements to the design review board, standing with immigrants and refugees, supporting tribal relations, criminal bond reform, banning of the confederate flag, and closing the pay gap between men and women. You can read more on my platforms page.

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I was born in Washington, D.C. and lived in the Washington Metro area for the next 18 years and moved to Seattle from Fredericksburg, VA over 12 years ago. I plotted my course and drove out to Seattle with a car full of clothes and musical gear. A week and a half later I got off at the “Seattle Center” exit and arrived in downtown in Seattle for the first time. I now call Seattle home and I love it. I live in the Wallingford neighborhood with my fiancé, Jill, and a St. Bernard named Daisy and a cat, Bear Bear.

While I have no direct previous political experience, I have been a lifelong citizen, worker and student of history. Social, political and historical studies have been a large focus of my life, whether in school studying courses, or in a bar in Alabama studying people. It has created my worldview and given me a studied empathy for all people, of all places of all races and in all times.

In these studies I learned many things about truths. Most individual truths only exist when a person is talking about their own experiences and even then, the truth is veiled in a fog of personal influence. A true politician is one who is able to rise above that fog, above themselves and what they experience and fight for the common truth, the common good, and the common sense.  I must listen to everyone’s individual truth and create a common quilt of governance.

I view the Mayor of Seattle as a microphone and megaphone for the community. Much of the power within the city is held by the City Council, the School Board, King County and Olympia. Some may ask why I am running for Mayor and not a position that would be more inline with my experience. To that I say, I will be more effective as a microphone and megaphone than I would be sitting on City Council. Listening and speaking out for the issues which people find important, with a clear voice and a steadfast stance is something I am willing to stake myself upon. I have no larger political aspirations. I am not using this a stepping stone to something grander, loftier or to further business opportunities.

I would be lying if I said that the idea of being elected Mayor doesn’t scare me. It does. But, I believe that often, the things worth trying and doing are those which scare us the most.

In this climate of political uncertainty, I understand, accept and applaud caution for a candidate with no previous experience, but please at least be a believer in my sincerity. Purity of the heart is hard to determine, but my intentions are clear, my governance transparent and my words sincere.